My Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — February 19, 2012

Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent, here is my Pacific Crest Trail hiking gear list.

My skin out weight without the Sierra Mountain gear is 20.9 lbs. My base pack weight without the Sierra gear is 18.1 lbs.

The big three (pack, shelter, and sleeping bag) with accessories weigh in at 5.9 lbs.

Pack & Storage

Backpack ULA Catalyst 42.7 $250.00 I’ve kept the water bladder sleeve, but taken off all the other bells and whistles.
Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack 8-Liter, 2 each 2.2 35.90 One for clothes carried and the other for my first aid kit.
Shoulder Strap Pouch simBlissity UnSlack Pack 1.0 17.95 For keeping things handy, especially ones that might get broken in waist belt pouches.
Pack Liner Hefty Trash Compactor Bag 2.2 0.61
Total 48.1 $304.46

Shelter & Sleeping

Tent Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 28.0 $126.79 The tent with accessories weighs 72 oz and cost $380.37 though a pro deal. Three of us are sharing it – weight and cost. My share is listed here.
Sleeping Bag ZPacks 20 Degree 900 Fill Power Down 16.7 335.00 Size short and wide. Hmm, that’s rather revealing. This is a hybrid quilt-sleeping bags. Looks to me like the best of both.
Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack Zpacks Medium Plus Cuben Fiber Roll Top Dry Bag 0.7 0.00 Came with the sleeping bag.
Sleeping Socks Smartwool Medium Hiking Socks 1.6 17.95 Why Smartwool? Don’t have to fork out more cash for these. I already own several pair.
Sleeping Pad Cascade Designs Therm-a-Rest NeoAir 9.8 169.95 Ouch. Spendy. But I have wide shoulders so went with the x-large. And I shortened the length to save weight.
Pump Exped Mini Pump 1.8 19.95 Takes me between 45-50 breaths to blow up my NeoAir. Tiresome after a day on the trail. And all the blowing makes me a little light headed. Air pump for me.
Ground Cloth Tyvek Ground Cloth 4.5 ft x 6 ft 5.5 11.25 So many uses. Ground cloth when sleeping under the stars. Divider for wet and dry inside the tent. Emergency shelter. Outer layer for a “hypothermia wrap”.
Total 72.2 $700.89

Cooking & Food Storage

Cookware Evernew Titanium Ultralight 0.9-Liter Pot 4.2 $43.97
Stove Trail Designs Caldera Stove 2.5 34.95
Fuel Bottle Equinox 8-oz Alcohol Fuel Bottle w/ Dispenser Lid 1.4 4.99
Lighter Bic Mini Disposable Lighter 0.4 0.82
Backup Lighter Bic Mini Disposable Lighter 0.4 0.82
Food Warming Pouch Antigravity Pouch Cozy 1.6 12.00
Spoon GSI Rehydrate Long Handled Spoon 0.4 1.95
Backup Spoon REI Campware Long Spoon 0.5 2.00
Food Bag Ursak S29 7.3 67.89 Bear and rodent resistant. Very important. In the High Sierras, I’ll be adding a bear canister.
Food Bag Rope Army Universe 550 LB Parachord Neon Yellow 3.5 5.00 Comes in 100 ft lengths ($9.99, 7 oz). The three of us are each carrying 50 ft.
Food Bag Carabiner ZPacks Mini-D Carabiner, 2 each 0.2 3.64
 Total 21.6 $176.39

Water System

Water Bladder Cascade Designs Platy Bottle, 2-Liter w/ Drink Tube Kit 3.4 $25.90
Water Bottles Gatorade-type Bottles, 32 oz 2.6 1.58 Free with a purchase of a bottled beverage. Right? These are wide mouthed, which makes them compatible with the Steripen.
Water Purifier Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration 5.0 34.99 I already own a Steripen Adventurer (3.7 oz, $89.95) and one of the daughters will carry it. But with no batteries and a simple system, I like the Sawyer Squeeze so will see how it does. Carrying only the 2-Liter water pouch, filter, and backwash syringe.
Backup Water Purifier Aqua Mira 3.0 8.97 Repackaged into mini-bottles.
Total 14.0 $71.44

Clothes Worn

Trail Shoes Altra Lone Peak, Size 9 9.9 $65.00 Purchased through a pro deal.
Socks Injinji Outdoor Quarter Socks 1.5 16.00
Boxer Briefs Ibex Balance Boxers 3.0 31.49 I’ve worn Ex Officio briefs but don’t care for them. Synthetic material leading to too much moisture build up and chafing in the crotch.
Shirt, Short Sleeve Ibex U-Sixty 4.8 58.95 Chose these because I got a discontinued color and a nice discount off regular retail price.
Shirt, Long Sleeve Button Up w/ Collar REI Sahara Tech 8.5 29.93 Got on clearance. Will see how it works out on the trail.
Pants-Shorts, Convertible Zip Offs Mountain Hardware Matterhorn 16.0 100.00 Articulated knees and gusseted crotch means lots of freedom of movement.
Total 44.4 $301.37

Clothes Carried

Socks Injinji Outdoor Quarter Socks 3.0 32.00 Carrying two pair.
Boxer Briefs Ibex Balance Boxers 3.0 31.49
Midweight Long John Bottoms Ibex Woolies Bottoms 5.6 57.00
Rain Pants Marmot Precip Pants 9.0 37.50 Never used Marmot Precip before. But got a sweet Pro Deal.
Rain Jacket Marmot Precip Jacket 13.1 50.00 Pro Deal here too.
Wind Shirt Marmot Driclime Windshirt 8.0 45.00 Lots of thru hikers sing the praises of this shirt. Pro Deal here too, so will see how it does.
Puffy Down Jacket Mont-Bell UL Down Jacket 8.0 165.00
Sun Hat, Wide Brim Tula Hats Outback Lattice, Size Medium 7.0 29.99
Stocking Cap Buff Wool Buff 2.0 29.00 It’s a hat, headband, neck gaiter, balaclava, and probably some other things I haven’t thought of yet.
Gloves Smartwool Liner Gloves 1.5 20.00 Going with Smartwool because I already own these. A Christmas gift, I think.
Total 58.6 $496.98

Health & Hygiene

First Aid Kit Self Assembled 18.3 $64.10 See my post Long Trail Wilderness First Aid Kit for details.
Camp Towel REI MultiTowel Lite, Large 4.7 19.50
Personal Hygiene Kit Self Assembled 4.7 10.4 Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Dental Floss, Nail Clippers, Skin Moisturizer, and Lip Balm.
Hand Sanitizer Spray Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer Spray 1.2 2.83
Hand Sanitizer Wipes Cleanwell Hand Sanitizing Wipes 6.5 1.46
Potty Trowel Orange Backpackers Trowel 2.0 2.99
Sunscreen Banana Boat Sport SPF 30, 1 Fluid Ounce 1.2 1.49
Insect Repellent Repel Lemon Eucalyptus 3.0 4.30 Repackaged in a Nalgene 2-Fluid Ounce Container
Mosquito Headnet Peter’s Head Nets 0.3 15.00
Sunglasses Native Eyewear Silencers 0.7 100.00 No particular reason for this make and model. I’ve just had them for a long time and they work fine.
Sunglasses Retainer Chums 0.3 6.95
Total 42.9 $229.0

Gear Carried

Reference Materials PCT Data Book,Yogi’s PCT Handbook Trail Tips and Town Guide,Wilderness Press Guidebooks, Asabat’s Water Report, and Plan from Craig’s PCT Planner. 0.0 93.94 Scanned and uploaded to the smartphone.
Maps Halfmile’s Maps 60.00 Weight will vary depending on how many maps carried for each section of trail.
Compass Suunto M-3G Compass 1.5 39.16
Umbrella Euroschirm Light Trek Umbrella 8.5 29.99
Bandana PCT Class of 2012 Bandana 1.0 0.00 An extra towel or wash cloth, a head cover, a cravat for first aid, a hitch hiking sign, etc.
Head Lamp Petzl e+Lite Headlamp 1.0 29.95
Extra Batteries for Head Lamp CR2032 Battery 0.1 0.59
Backup Light Photon Micro-Light PRO LED Keychain Flashlight 0.2 11.95
Journal Rite in the Rain Tagboard Universal Journal No. 371 2.5 3.83
Pen Sharpie Extra Fine Point Pen 0.4 1.28 Carrying two pens.
Pocketknife Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife 1.3 14.21
Thermometer REI Zip-O-Gauge Thermometer  0.3 6.95
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 4.0 $99.99 Camera, music, reference materials, e-copies of permits and identification, etc. We don’t have a phone plan so in towns with a wifi connection, we’ll also have email, Skype phone, web browser, blogging, etc.
Smartphone Charging Cord Samsung Galaxy S Charging Cord and Outlet Plugin 2.0 39.99
Smartphone Battery Power Pack Motorola P893 4.2 0.00
Wallet Hunting/Fishing Tag Holder 1.0 0.00 Free from Bi-Mart.
Sit Pad REI Blue Foam Sleeping Pad, 12 in x 14 in 1.0 4.50 Already had some of this blue foam padding so cut it into a sit pad. Also serves as splinting material for first aid.
Gear Repair Kit Self Assembled 3.0 10.57 See postLong Trail Gear Repair Kit
Total 32.0 $445.91

The High Sierras Only

Bear Canister BearVault BV500 41.0 $65.00 Supposed to be able to carry 7-days food supply in this one. Pricing is a special deal BearVault has for PCT thru hikers.
Crampons Kahtoola KTS Crampons 18.9 149.00
Ice Axe CAMP Corsa Ice Axe 7.2 119.95
Total 67.1 $333.95

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