Music for Long Trails – Ivan Rosenberg

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — November 15, 2012

Sometimes we need sounds to wander by or to remember the wandering, not just words. I was putting together a slideshow of photos on my Pacific Crest Trail hike to show to friends and looked hard for just the right background music.

Ivan Rosenberg
Ivan Rosenberg. Photo by Press Kits.

When I discovered Ivan Rosenberg, I found music that evokes the feeling of my experience on various sections of the PCT.

Rosenberg plays original music on the resonator guitar and the Dobro and clawhammer banjos. Follow these links to some of Rosenberg’s music to hear what I mean. Used to be you could listen to the entire song on’s Music Store. Unfortunately, the closed this service is 2016. These links now take you to’s Digital Music where you can click on the song and listen to a snippet.

Pig Shack – Reminds me of the excitement and joy of starting down the trail.

Last Light – Brings back memories of dusk and sunsets especially in the Sierra Mountains.

Ashes and Coals – Reminder of walking steady miles through forests and over foothills.

Terrapenne – Echoes my feelings when I had to cut my journey short.

Thanks for reading. What other musicians are out there playing acoustic, folk, Americana music that would be great for the trail or trail slide shows and videos? Tell us about this or any other thoughts you have on this post in the comments section below. Want to listen to Ivan Rosenberg's music? Click on the album cover art images to buy these albums. Thanks much if you do. Happy wanderings!
  • Click here to buy Ivan Rosenberg's Ashes and Coals! Click here to buy Ivan Rosenberg's Back to the Pasture! Click here to buy Ivan Rosenberg's Clawhammer and Dobro!

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