Indie Traveler

Toamasina, Madagascar — September 27, 2014

I might ask, “Are you a wanderer?” The folks at BootsnAll Travel Network ask, “Are you an indie traveler?” We’re asking the same thing.

Indie Travel Manifesto

BootsnAll have gone a step further and put together the Indie Travel Manifesto.

The Manifesto is a community-curated statement that defines a particular type of travel – one that emphasizes making meaningful connections, seeing the world as a complex and nuanced place, and learning to slow down, listen, and create your own meaning for life based on your first-hand experience of the world around you.

Their goal isn’t to create another “tourist vs. traveler” debate or argue about what style of travel is best, but rather to give a name to this type of travel and create an open community for the people and companies that support and relate to it.

The Manifesto is made up of 23 statements. A few that rise to the top for me include:

  • Slow down and enjoy an experience
  • Practice courtesy, patience, humility, and good humor.
  • Seek to understand — not judge or romanticize — other cultures.
  • Pack light and keep things simple.
  • Options over possessions.
  • Share what you learn.

I’m a wanderer. I’m an indie traveler. Are you? Click here to connect with the community, sign the Manifesto, and take part in the discussion at Indie Travel.

Have you signed the Indie Traveler Manifesto? Which of the statements are part of why you travel? Let us know about this or any other thoughts you have on this post in the comments section below.