Walking in Clouds

Sunrise Trailhead, California, USA — April 23, 2012

We aren’t the last to leave camp this morning. Unusual for us. We leave behind the pines and walk through the chaparral. The Anza Borrega desert spreads out below us to the east.

Making Shade - PCT
Making our own shade at mile 50. Photo by Brett Fisher.

We reach a trail marker announcing we’ve hiked 50 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. We celebrate by making our own shade under umbrellas and drinking water. Who’s laughing now at the umbrella-bearers? We have shade in the desert.

Late in the day, we watch as clouds from the west spill over the ridge. Soon we are walking in the clouds. Cold, wet, and windy.

Above the Anza Borrega - PCT
Hiking through chapparal above the Anza Borrega Desert. Photo by Brett Fisher
Near Sunrise Trailhead - PCT
Clouds flow over the hills bringing chilly, wet conditions. Photo by Natalie Fisher.

At Sunrise Trailhead, we use the water tank as a windbreak, set up our tent behind it, then pile in. Natalie reaches out the tent vestibule to heat water for dinner.

Walk, eat, and sleep. Life of a hiker.

Sunrise Trailhead - PCT
Wet and cold inside the clouds. Blaze wraps herself in our tent rainfly. Photo by Natalie Fisher.
Brett on the PCT!

PCT Day Six: 12 miles hiked. Camped near Sunrise Trailhead.

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