2,660 Some Miles

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — December 7, 2011

“What?! You’re going to walk 2,660 some miles?! From Mexico to Canada?!”

I’ve been getting that a lot lately.

Yes! The Pacific Crest Trail. Every step of it. I hope.

Pacific Crest Trail Map
The red line marks the trail. Map image courtesy of the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

It all started back when … umm … when I was 14 years old and read about a 17 year old who hiked the PCT. I don’t exactly remember the title of the book, but I believe it was The High Adventure of Erick Ryback.

Walking the PCT has been nudged and knocked around on the back burner of my dream stove ever since. For some 33 years. That pot has now been moved up to the front.

Last winter, my daughters started talking about hiking the PCT in 2012. One was finishing college and then working a seasonal trail crew job with the Forest Service. The other was starting an intern type of position that would end in March 2012. They both had life path flexibility coming up that would allow them to live outside for five or six months.

Well, so did I. Compliments of the economy, I’ve been working seasonal jobs the last couple of years. So, I invited myself along.

And now here we are, the three of us, just about four and a half months away from wandering about for five months and 2,660 some miles.

Brett on the PCT!

Thanks for reading. Have you hiked the Pacific Crest Trail? What made you decide? Let us know about this or any other thoughts you have on this post in the comments section below.

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  • I remember reading that same book. I think I still have copy around here somewhere in the mids of various other hiking books. Best of luck with the trip. If you need any help anywhere in WA, give me a call. Unless it’s July (we’ll be in Europe then).

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